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Why you should try it?

Our remotely controlled avatar robot will help you to telecommute at work.
It'll improve your communication effectiveness and make you more foccused on task when you need it.
Find out more below.



Increase your company's effectiveness by:


Better focus and better performance

Remote work is about performance. Think for a while. You can work from any place that suits you best, where you get things done easily. But, if you need to be close to others, it’s easy with our bot. Just connect and go.

Reduce traveling costs

With our bot you can effectively work from any location and visit different places quickly. So it gives you incredible flexibility to be on the go without losing connection to others or to stay where you want without traveling. Saving your time and money.


Telecommunication best experience

Our bot is equipped with high quality conference devices. This means that quality of remote communication is much much better than common computer with video conferencing software. It is essential for effective remote cooperation.

Tele autonomy to spread know how

With our bot you are able to get into any work environment without any help from others and to stay online as long as you want. It’s hard with common video conferencing approach. But, it’s very important, due to two reasons:

  • Huge amount of knowledge is exchanged in natural environment like: desk to desk talk or chats in the kitchen. Planned meetings are dedicated to solve specific problems, not sharing general knowledge and ideas.
  • Common teleconferencing solutions require action from others like setup software for meeting time. This is time consuming and sometimes even frustrating for both sites. For hosts, because it requires additional actions and interrupts their work. And for remote worker as well, as they often feel separated from the team and lack natural knowledge flow.



People are every company’s foundation. With your company will be more attractive to people, like:


Customers and partners

Communication with both customers and partners is essential for any business. With our bots you will have a great channel to cooperate with them. Imagine, you could invite your customers for presentation or performance with special “follow me” mode. You can even send one of the bots to act for you at your customer or your partner premises.


With you’ll have extraodynary tool for effective communication with experts and best skilled workers over the globe. Now you can work with them, no matter where they are.


Regular workers

Even your regular workers would like to work off site sometimes. Giving your workers more flexibility at work, you’ll inspire them to work better. Modern people want to fit their work duties to their lifestyle. With remote work possibilities, they’ll improve work quality and performance to save time and energy for other activities.

Young mothers and disabled workers

Now mother’s and worker’s duties can be coped with much easier. No more work inequality.



World is constantly changing and the way we work evaluates with it.
See how remote work can change your company’s lifestyle:


Less commute, more time for you

Working from home will cut time needed on commute to work back. This means more time for personal activities for your workers (and less commute pollutants).

Work time flexibility

We all have different best work performance time (zen zone). Some of us are wake up early, others like to stay long at night. With remote work it is easier to find time of your workers zen zone and boost company’s performance.


Multi user connection

Sometimes there is a need to communicate with many people at once. If you have a few divisions or workers that have theirs duties off site, the best way to gather all together is dedicated conferencing device as our bot is. With our solution you will be able to attach bot to external display or projector. You can even use external audio system to create advanced video conferencing system.

Augumented reality

This innovative fusion of robotics, design, best audio video devices and video projector creates good space for creative and innovative work. This will motivate your crew to work better.

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